Welcome to Wisteria Acres

imagine  being bathed in the tranquility of Mother Nature. Nestled amongst old growth cedars that seem to impart an ancient wisdom and an invitation to sit awhile in quiet reflection.

Inside each and every one of us is an innate bodily wisdom. The same intelligence that keeps our heart beating, our lungs breathing, and our hair growing is continuously guiding and supporting us on our life’s journey…


When we approach our inner guidance with an open mind and a willing heart, we can understand the message in our emotions, circumstances, or disease, and empower ourselves to live a full and healthy life…


Acres of private lush green space with gardens offering a vivid display of colour, and shared with our very special equine guides who offer a quiet strength and a glimpse into one’s own soul…


A majestic eagle soars overhead with grace and power, evoking messages of illumination and creativity. Or perhaps a hawk will deliver a vision of your life’s purpose…






“Magical, mystical and peaceful”

 “Beautiful retreat space – quiet, spacious energy that enhances healing work”

 “A piece of paradise”

 “Wonderful retreat that fosters personal growth in a safe and beautiful environment”

 “This place is amazing!”

 “Couldn’t imagine a more splendid setting”

 “Beautiful, serene, supportive, nurturing”

 “I am leaving with peace in my heart”


Wisteria Acres Wellness & Retreats
Phone: 604-807-2255 | Email: info@wisteriaacres.com | Langley, BC, V1M 2R3