Finding Balance Through the Eyes of a Horse

YY“This was a brand new perspective and totally new spin on therapy for me.  I was also drawn to how natural the entire process is: horses, nature and the outdoors.

I had some anxiety the first day, which lasted about half the session and it never returned. I contribute this to both Krista and Cricket. Both are strong, beautiful beings who hold an incredibly stable space.

I was feeling very stuck, uninspired, needing a change in occupation and found the idea of horse therapy intriguing. After working with Cricket, Rayne and Krista, I realized very quickly that I take life way too seriously, care too much what other people think and realized there isn’t just the hard road, but also one which flows with support and loving kindness … and that they can exist at the same time!

I really enjoyed having Cricket and Rayne in the ring together. They showed me how two opposing parts of myself can co-exist.

Undoubtedly, this experience exceeded all my expectations!

I like the fact that [the session] is structured yet intuitive and flexible. The last session I did with both Rayne and Cricket. This experience brought about the most profound shift, which is, that the road is neither always easy nor always hard, and that both roads can exist in harmony together.

What I found most valuable is what came to light as Krista would prompt me to speak about my feelings and to see how the horses would reflect that energy.  It amazes me how simply being given the forum to speak and be heard can create awareness.

I will definitely be back, and thank you Krista, for doing this work. Thank you!” 

~ Kara, North Vancouver, BC


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