Meet the Herd – Romeo

I thought it would be fun to introduce you to Wisteria’s very special equine therapy team. As you will come to learn, each member of our herd is as unique as the people they work with and brings forth different gifts and healing styles to our programs. Let us begin with Romeo…

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo

ROMEO is an 11 year old Paint gelding and the first of my beloved herd. When Romeo first joined my life in 2007, I had no idea that a ‘herd’ was even in my future. I had only been introduced to the wonderful world of horses two years earlier, but as anyone who has ever been bitten by the equine bug knows – horses quite simply and profoundly change lives. I was no exception. My life has done a complete 360 since that first day I walked into a barn in 2005.

Everything about Romeo is BIG – his size, his personality, and his spirit! He stands at just a little more than 16hh high – add to that another 6″ when he’s scared!

In hindsight, I think his big personality and spirit were something that I…perhaps subconsciously….went in search of. Even within my short time in the horse industry I had been witness to too many broken horses – their eyes vacant and spirits crushed through abusive handling practices. It broke my heart. Romeo happily resides at the other end of the spectrum – his bright and ‘impish’ eyes gleam a mischievousness that is both heart-warming and challenging! He’s spirited, he’s playful and he loves to push the boundaries of life.


As a member of Wisteria Acres’ therapy team, Romeo’s gifts are many.

Here are just a few


Upon first meeting Romeo his big size, big personality, and big energy command your attention; he’s impossible to ignore. What does this bring up in you? Are you in awe of his presence or do you shrink back in fear? A deeper look at your feelings will help to reveal what Romeo is mirroring back to you. Where would you like to command attention in your own life? Where do you shrink back? Perhaps he reminds you of someone in your life that makes you uncomfortable. Partnering with Romeo will help to unearth limiting beliefs and build an unimaginable new sense of confidence.



The issue of boundaries affects us all to some degree or another. Where do you stand on the boundary spectrum? Are you a proverbial doormat? Are you passive-aggressive in the way you uphold your boundaries? Do you knowingly or unknowingly push other people’s boundaries? An important factor that goes hand-in-hand with healthy boundaries is RESPECT. Romeo, through his sheer size, commands respect. But like any good teacher, he demands that you also learn self-respect. If you don’t respect yourself, he cannot respect you either, but he will guide you patiently, consistently and persistently until you can embody the level of self-respect you need in order to set healthy boundaries in your life.



Do you find yourself weighted down with the demands and stresses of daily life? As the saying goes – laughter is the best medicine. One of Romeo’s greatest gifts is to make people laugh. He’s a ‘social ham’ the ‘barn clown’ and he loves people! Moreover, he loves to see people happy and playful. He will show you how much fun it can be to abandon your cares for a time and kick up your heels. He will unleash that inner child in you, if you let him, and leave you with a smile in your heart.




Underneath all the bravado, Romeo is an exquisitely sensitive soul. He’s an emotional barometer for people and the energies in his surroundings. He offers people the gift of awareness. What is it you’re holding onto and not allowing yourself to feel? Anger? Sadness? Are you feeling anxious? Romeo knows – and will playfully guide you to become more in tune with, and release, what lays just beneath the surface.

What is the next step on your evolutionary path? What is showing up in your life right now that signals you have more work to do in that area? Are you ready to face a fear? Learn how to set healthy boundaries? Or is it time to lighten up and engage in some good ol’ play therapy?

Romeo awaits you.

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