Women Healing with Horses ~ Retreat


August 20 – 24, 2014.  Limited to 8 women.


Can you imagine? …



Morning yoga classes to gently awaken your body, mind and spirit. Deep belly breaths to calm the mind and ground the body.  Mindful movements that bring awareness inward, highlighting any tension or stress and assisting the body in letting it go, thereby creating space for new and creative processes to flow.


A delicious, healthy breakfast awaits you in the main retreat house before joining the horses for some soul inspiring wisdom and connection. Accepting their invitation to go inward, to reflect, to see, to dream with fresh eyes. With the horse as your guide, all things are possible.


Weave your dreams into a Sacred Power Shawl. This magical creative process will help to anchor in the shifts, lessons and connections made during our time together. Using fabric paint, thread, yarn, beads and found materials from nature, sew, paint, write and breathe your intentions, insights, desires and power into your shawl. Wrap yourself in the vastness of your personal power to overcome challenges and create the life you want.


Enjoy deliciously creative vegetarian meals, lovingly prepared with whole foods, with an emphasis on organic.


In the evenings, Journey to the beat of the Shaman’s drum to meet spiritual allies and discover deeper insights that will guide you further along your personal path.


Feel the heart-to-heart connection with your fellow sisters around the sacred fire. Allow the love and support of this sacred community to lift you up to all that you are meant to be in this life.


And finally, retire into our ultra-cozy beds for a peaceful and restorative sleep in our beautifully restored farmhouse.



Join us on August 20 – 24th. 

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Frequently Asked Questions –

Do I need horse experience?

No horse experience is required.  Our time together is spent cultivating a trusted and respectful relationship with your equine guide on the ground.  At our August retreat there is an opportunity for a mindful mounted process within a contained area.  Again, this is about building connection, trust and respect.

What if I’m afraid of horses?

Many participants who attend hold some level of fear due to inexperience and the mere size of horses.  All safety precautions are taken to ensure participants feel comfortable.  Participants are not obligated to take part in any process where safety is a concern.  Our herd also comprises of two miniature horses (the size of large dogs) which can offer a less intimidating introduction.

Is this a horseback riding retreat?

No, there is no riding component to this retreat.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat would benefit women who are interested in the self-discovery process.  Perhaps you are searching for deeper meaning in your life?  Looking for your soul’s path?  Are you experiencing a significant life transition and in need of guidance?  Searching for a new career?  Or perhaps you are in need of healing after a relationship break-up or loss of a loved one?  Or are generally feeling unfulfilled and seeking to live a life of purpose and passion.  Women Healing with Horses offers you a heart-based community of love and support on your journey back to Self.  


What Others Are Saying –

“It was much more educational than I’d expected.  It was life changing to experience the telepathic messages that were so specific for each person involved in a healing session. I was very moved at how effortlessly the horses communicated their insights and how gently and respectfully  they offered their wisdom. Having a human facilitator as translator was priceless; Krista is a gift.

I felt like a queen. The beds are so comfy. The grounds are spotless and beautiful. The food was nothing less than the healthiest and most delicious I’ve had in years.

 I think the thing that stands out the most for me is how impressed I was at the depth of relationship that is possible between the horses and their humans.  They gave me so much strength, love and validation.  They gave me their respect, their acceptance and their encouragement.  They gave me the direction I so badly had been in need of, without pressuring me, without judging me.  

I think everyone needs to experience their genuine gifts as healers.  It’s a much tougher road without them. “   

~ Dawn Whyte, 2013 participant


“Thanks Krista. It was a very unique experience! I’m definitely ‘percolating’, journal in hand…had a few new revelations this morning, and lots of loose and open laughter last night – which might surprise since I was all quiet and introspective all weekend! But I’m truly a two sided Gemini, similar to the coming and going of sweet Leo in the ring : )” 

~ Tammy Williams, 2012 participant


“Krista you have amazing energy and Wisteria Acres is so peaceful and Amazingl. The weekend was incredible with so many beautiful women coming together as one. Sharing our deepest pain with such support.” 

~ Lorraine Jones-Burrus, 2011 participant


“The retreat was amazing; I can’t explain it any other way! I feel that a part of me has been transformed. I am feeling empowered, enlightened and grounded! Wisteria Acres is tranquil, beauty at it finest, an absolute piece of heaven on earth.

I cannot say enough about our moments spent with the horses. I never knew how intuitive horses can be. Looking into the eyes of the horses, it was like looking into their soul, and like they were looking into my soul. They understand me probably more than I understand me. The food was fabulous! The food was plentiful and flavorful! The accommodations were beautiful and comfortable. The whole ambiance was serene and peaceful.

I came away with so much more than I had expected or had even hoped. It was truly AMAZING!  I have met some new wonderful women, and their strength and transformations throughout the weekend was so inspiring.

 I WILL be going to Wisteria Acres again! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! I cannot say enough GREAT things about Wisteria Acres! It changed my life!”

~ Nicole Peppard-Gruninger, 2011, 2012 & 2013 participant


“Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful, safe sacred healing space.

The whole weekend felt so good and transformational, it felt so easy to open up and to go deep and feel & heal.   The food was amazing, delicious and nutritious. The beds are seriously so cozy, and I felt so at home.  And all of the Women who came together held such a safe sacred space for each other, it was so beautiful to be a part of.

 Krista has such a warm and beautiful Spirit able to hold such a safe space for transformation and healing where it’s just easy to be open and courageous.

 I truly feel like I know my gifts now, more than I did before and I am inspired to step into my Souls purpose.” 

~ Larissa Jaala, 2011 participant

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