Private Horse Wisdom Sessions


A deeply transformational experience partnering with horses to guide you along your soul’s path


Feel yourself surrounded and supported by the natural world.  Join our herd of horses in their natural setting and feel your body and mind begin to slow and find its natural rhythm.  We call this space “horse time”.  Where the pressures and demands of linear time fade and your awareness deepens into the present moment.


Through reflective (observation) and active (hands-on) process work you will be invited to partner with our horses from the ground, and begin to see deeper aspects of yourself and your connection to the whole as mirrored back to you in the eyes of a horse.


Unearth your deepest truths, discover your greatest strengths and engage with your inner wisdom.


Partnering with horses naturally draws us into a right-brained intuitive, body-centered state where we can gain a full kinesthetic learning experience. Blocked or stuck emotional energy is released as new insights settle deep into your cellular memory.



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Adults. No previous horse experience necessary.  All process work is done from the ground (no riding).


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