“When we drove onto the property, it was like time and sound stood still, it was similar to driving onto a movie set, and I didn't know a place like this could exist so close to home. From the gorgeous gated property surrounded by trees and greenery, to the stables and the main house, it was all quite dream-like and immensely beautiful.

We found Krista and her gang at the barn and within the first couple minutes of meeting them all we realized that there was something very special about this place and about these horses as well. We had a connection right away with them, and I personally had an experience with Cricket that I will take away with me for life. It was like these horses could tell how we were feeling and they responded to it in unique ways, it was a profound experience.”

- Tara Birchard, The Whole Food Project

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Our Story


 In a beautiful country setting just outside Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada, situated high on the bluffs overlooking the historic town and the mighty Fraser River, Wisteria Acres welcomes friends and guests to an oasis of peace and tranquility.

Enter the long driveway, past a cascading wall of expansive wisteria leading to the main retreat house under a canopy of old growth cedars. Horses graze in lush pastures, and beautiful gardens beckon you into stillness; a place where quiet awareness and inner wisdom are fostered.



Hi, I’m Krista, ‘lead mare’ at Wisteria Acres.

Transition is tough.  I know.

It seems we’re always navigating change in our life to one degree or another.

Change beckons. 

Trepidation rises.

Life feels messy, crazy, flawed ….yet fabulous.

But there is magic in the mess.





Lived only through the grace of stumbling.

I can still remember facing a major life transition in 2007 that felt like the entire foundation of my life was crumbling beneath my feet. 

It was a messy, painful, confusing, and above all, lonely time.

I didn’t fully understand what was happening myself, so how could I expect others to.  And so began my transformational journey in relative isolation, fearing the misunderstanding and judgement of others.

I floundered for a time, trying to hold on to the crumbling pieces of my life and ‘keep up appearances’, all the while feeling a relentless pull to escape this life that had become my prison. 

I recall a conversation I had with a friend and mentor when I told him that it felt like a force greater than myself was pushing me in a direction I wasn’t yet ready to go in.  His kind and gentle smile empathized with me as he said “The only constant in life is change.  Life has a way of nudging us forward persistently, and we can choose to go willingly or we can go kicking and screaming”. 

I went kicking and screaming until finally, emotionally exhausted, I surrendered and for all intents and purposes took a year long hiatus from my life; the equivalent of spending a year in an Indian Ashram, minus the Ashram.  And my travel to India would come much later. 

With the company of horses, I developed a new relationship with myself

Much of my hiatus was spent in the company of horses.  With them I didn’t have to explain myself or risk judgement.  I could just be who I was in the moment, in all my chaos and confusion.  It was a year of deep soul-searching. 

I immersed myself in every spiritual and self-help book, webinar, workshop and retreat that spoke to me.  And in the solace of deeper spiritual understanding with the horse as my guide I began a new relationship with myself, seeking out a deeper connection with my soul.  And from there it all began to make sense. 

It’s true.  We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  That perspective changed everything for me.

My journey would eventually lead me to a purpose and passion I hadn’t even been aware I was being called to live. 

Wisteria Acres Wellness & Retreats is that purpose and passion.

So take heart, there is something wonderful awaiting you on the other side of the abyss.  It’s just waiting for you to grow in to it.

Without my prior experiences I would not have had the vision, the passion, the courage, or the wisdom to step into this dream.  So consider that whatever you may be experiencing in your life currently, is preparing you for your next grand adventure!


My Credentials:

Certified Equine Guided facilitator (Chiron’s Way)

Professional Life & Leadership Coach (Erickson International)

Classical Homeopath (Vancouver Homeopathic Academy)

My work is also influenced by The Work of Byron Katie, The 3 Principles, Robert Schwartz and Somatic therapy work.


Although I no longer prescribe remedies, my training as a Classical Homeopath has enabled me to view the world through a whole(istic) filter.  This means that my focus is always on the bigger picture.  Nothing ever exists in isolation and to successfully transition through challenging times we need to bring awareness to all levels of our being; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

I can see beyond the one-dimensional physical realm of your life to consider the broader spiritual nature of your experiences. 

I can hear beyond your words to that deeper part of you that expresses itself through subtle energetic responses. 

You will feel seen and heard in a way that you may never have experienced before.

And when we team up with my amazing herd of horses you will be transported on a profoundly magical journey of self-discovery.

Finally, as a Professional Life & Leadership Coach I will guide and support you moving forward toward your vision.  Energy flows where attention goes!  Structured processes will help you re-frame limiting beliefs and re-wire new neuropathways in the brain to move past blocks and gain the clarity and confidence you need to blaze a new trail!



Shin Buddhism views wisteria as a symbol of prayer or thoughtful reverence. The branches and blossoms seem to lower their head in gentle supplication. These vine gestures naturally bring to mind our need for peace, quiet, and time to honour the divine essence of who we are.

In Ted Andrews book, Nature Speak, he symbolizes wisteria as a time for clarity; illumination and new learning, especially of that which is not normally accessible. It awakens inspiration and a realization of the good that is already present within one’s life. A rare spiritual influence that can be a passport to higher consciousness. And this is my vision for Wisteria Acres Wellness & Retreats.

Wisteria Acres Wellness & Retreats
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