“Working with the horses was amazing! They pick up on things and reflect it back in a way that has you see something about yourself that you hadn't seen before.

Krista is an excellent facilitator - trusting the process and allowing us to explore what’s there in a very supportive environment.”

- Marilee Roome, Vancouver, BC

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Our Team

Our equine partners are an integral part of life at Wisteria Acres. Whether they are providing a peaceful backdrop to quiet moments of reflection, teaching us simple life lessons, or guiding individuals on their own inward journey, they are all valued for their special contributions.



Krista Brown is a Life Coach & Equine Guided Facilitator working with her herd of horses to guide life’s trailblazers on their journey to living a soul-inspired life.

Every emotion, every disease carries a message.  Every life challenge is a doorway to immeasurable personal growth that attempts to move us toward a more authentic life. (Read more about Krista here)

  Krista Brown


Our wise sage. 

Cricket is a 16 year old Quarter Horse mare whose calm and steadfast ways offer a grounding presence to the herd and our space.

Cricket is a gentle and masterful teacher.  A perfectly timed nicker or a deep soulful gaze from her big brown eyes lets you know that it is safe to show up fully and authentically in this space.  And with a nudge of her nose she will remind you to “let go and let’s go!” You’ve wasted enough time on those outdated belief systems.  It’s time to blaze a new trail!


Dubbed the “Mr. Ed” of Wisteria Acres.

Romeo is an 13 year old, Paint, gelding whose shenanigans keep us all entertained. His bright and impish eyes gleam a mischievousness that is both heart-warming and challenging.  He’s spirited, he’s playful and he loves to push the boundaries of life …and invites you to do the same!

Romeo’s big presence commands your attention all the while inviting you to look beyond your fears to the well-spring of strength and courage that is yours to tap into in any moment, in any situation.


The heart of our herd and sacred space holder.

Cassi is a 10 year old Paint mare whose sweet and tender soul captures the heart of so many who come to Wisteria Acres.

She embodies a sweet innocence with a very tender heart.  Cassi reminds us of the need to be vulnerable during these changing times and to always be gentle with yourself as you’re learning to navigate these new trails. Always lead with your heart.


Our matriarch.

Rayne is a 20 year old Quarter Horse mare and ruler of the roost.

A somewhat serious girl, Rayne reminds us of the importance of taking a stand for our self and the life we wish to create.  It takes courage and commitment, and the willingness to forge new ground as we align our outer world with our inner soul’s desire.




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