Private & Group Immersions






Cricket&JanYou heard the call.

Are you are ready to answer it?


Deep within, you know there is more.

More joy.

More clarity.

More confidence.

More ease.

More freedom.

More soul-inspired living.




“The greatest challenge of the human experience is discovering who you really are.

The second greatest is living in a way that honors what you’ve found”



You are not like everyone else.  You seek more than the status quo.


You carry an unquenchable thirst for meaning; deep meaning that guides your life beyond conditioned beliefs to those of a much higher purpose.  A commitment to expanding beyond what you ever thought possible, and acting as a beacon of light for others.


If you were living a soul-inspired life right now, what would that look like?  What would you be doing differently?


What inner inspirations are seeking a voice?

What juicy wonderment is your soul yearning to expand into?

What opportunities for growth, disguised as challenges, are you facing and wanting to move through?

The transformational path is deeply personal, calling us inward; home to the unique longings of our soul. 

There is no right or wrong path. 

There is no one-size-fits-all.

Are you seeking connection with like-minded soul-inspired journeyers?  Or do you relish time for yourself?


Check out our 2018 Events page to learn more about our group retreats or contact us to schedule your own private retreat.


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