Sacred Journey Through the Wisdom of the Horse

A Coaching Intensive for Deep Transformation





Evolution. Growth. Transformation.

Are you being called?  


The only constant in life is change.

We can choose to be the creator of it or fall victim to it.  Either way we have the opportunity to grow with it when we choose to consciously navigate these times of transition.

Perhaps you’re feeling the intuitive nudge to expand into something greater.  You have been nurturing a vision, a dream of making a deeper impact in the world but are unsure of where to start.

You’re feeling the constraints of a life you have outgrown and know there is more to experience and expand into but you have been too afraid to make a change.

Or maybe change has already found you through difficult and unexpected circumstances; an illness, a death, a loss.

If you, like me, believe our sole (soul) purpose for this human experience is to grow and evolve on a soul level through life’s many rich and varied experiences then you understand that at any given time we are either being led by our dreams, or pushed by our pain.  And there is a divine purpose in it all.  


What if you finally made the commitment to be led by your dreams? 

What would your life look like?

How empowering would it feel to be able to navigate through these changing times with clarity, confidence and ease knowing all decisions are being made from a soul-centered place?

Imagine the freedom that comes from experiencing a deeper connection and natural flow to life as you come more fully into alignment with your deepest soul’s calling.  


“You are more than what you’ve become”

– Lion King


From a spiritual perspective there really are no limits to what we can create. 

The essence of the spiritual journey involves overcoming the limitations we place on ourselves.

Let that sink in for a moment… 


The essence of the spiritual journey involves overcoming the limitations we place on ourselves.


In other words, if you aren’t living the life you desire it is not due to outer circumstances, your lack of money, or your childhood trauma.  It’s not your relationships or family obligations, nor your health.  It’s the limitations you have placed upon yourself.

Are you ready to let go of those limitations and blaze a new trail?    



Join me for an unforgettable Sacred Journey through the Wisdom of the Horse …


“Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot believe how zen-like I feel. The girls at work are joking that they hope that it will last longer than the first couple of clients. My break- through came because of the superb guidance and patience that you had given me. This has been the hardest work I have ever done with the biggest reward.”    – Betty P.



Your Sacred Journey starts with …

A 90-minute Creative Planning Session.  I want to honour the investment and commitment you are making by taking the time to really connect with you and your vision, and fully understand the challenges you are currently facing so that, together, we can create a fully customized program that meets your needs.  


Your Sacred Journey will include …

Twelve (12) bi-weekly coaching sessions.  A unique blend of in-person coaching in a tranquil country setting partnering with our herd of horses through hands-on experiential processes, and complimented with our laser focused phone sessions to maximize your results. Our bi-weekly schedule allows for important integration time in between sessions to fully anchor in new insights and deeper learning.


Here’s a breakdown …

Six 2-hour in-person coaching sessions with the horses.  Imagine treating yourself to a monthly mini-retreat where the stress and distractions of the city are replaced with the peaceful, grounding presence of Mother Nature at our beautiful country retreat center.

Breathe in stillness……         Exhale stress …..


Feel yourself surrounded and supported by the natural world.  Join our herd of horses in their natural setting and feel your body and mind begin to slow and find its natural rhythm.  We call this space “horse time”.  Where the pressures and demands of linear time fade and your awareness deepens into the present moment.

Through reflective (observation) and active (hands-on) process work you will partner with our horses from the ground, and begin to see deeper aspects of yourself and your connection to the whole as mirrored back to you in the eyes of a horse.

Unearth your deepest truths, discover your greatest strengths and engage with your inner wisdom.

Partnering with horses naturally draws us into a right-brained intuitive, body-centered state where we can gain a full kinesthetic learning experience. Blocked or stuck emotional energy is released as new insights settle deep into your cellular memory.


Six 1-hour laser focused phone sessions.  Our phone sessions will help you to integrate the teachings gained from your time with our herd and bring your body/mind into greater alignment.  Structured processes will help to re-frame limiting beliefs and establish new neuropathways in the brain to help accelerate your growth.

Guided visualizations and daily practices will ensure your success!


Unlimited email support.  You don’t ever have to feel alone on this journey.  While this program is designed to offer you valuable integration time in between sessions, if at any time during our contract you are feeling lost, stuck, anxious or just want to share an ‘aha’ moment, I welcome your email.  I am committed and invested in your success.


Personalized working journal. There will be many insights, ‘ahas’, and intuitive messages received as we journey together that you will want to record and re-visit from time to time.  These pages will bear witness to your release of all that no longer serves your highest good, shifts in perception and the awakening to your truest self.  





About Me: Krista Brown, Certified Equine Facilitator, Professional Life Coach & “Lead Mare” at Wisteria Acres


Transition is tough.  I know.

It was my personal experiences navigating through a life altering transition that ultimately led to the birth of Wisteria Acres Wellness & Retreats.

So take heart, there is something wonderful awaiting you on the other side.  It’s just waiting for you to grow in to it.

Without my prior experiences I would not have had the vision, the passion, the courage, or the wisdom to step into this dream. 

So consider that whatever you may be experiencing in your life currently, is preparing you for your next grand adventure!

Learn more about me here: About Krista  


“Krista has such a warm and beautiful Spirit able to hold such a safe space for transformation and healing where it’s just easy to be open and courageous.” – L.J., Squamish 





Why Horses?

If you have tried other forms of coaching, counseling or other modalities without the desired results, maybe it’s time to consider a new species of support.  

“Horses have spent 40 million years evolving to be creatures that can communicate eloquently, effectively & succinctly, but with energy, not with words.”   ~ Dr. Allan Hamilton, brain surgeon and professor of medicine, Tuscon, AZ  



You can’t hide from a horse.

We wear our feelings like a cloak. Regardless of how well we mask ourselves with a smile to hide our sadness, a façade of calm to hide our anger, a veneer of confidence to hide our anxiety, our nervous system involuntarily broadcasts our feeling state like sound waves invisibly traveling through the air.  And the horse is like a giant receiver and amplifier for these emotional vibrations.

As an animal who is naturally preyed upon in the wild, the horse has developed a highly sophisticated ability to sense emotional energy as a means of survival. Their life is dependent upon their ability to accurately read the intentions of a predator, a herd mate, or the people who share their space.

Therefore, in order for the horse to feel safe in your presence you must align with the truth of how you are feeling.


There is no judgement from a horse.

As Dr. Allan Hamilton says in the documentary ‘Playing with Magic’, the horse is like a really good friend who pulls you aside and says “look, I really need to tell you what’s going on here. You may not be aware of it but here’s the emotional energy you’re putting out”.

And with that new found awareness we can begin to see where we’re out of alignment with our greater vision, the limiting beliefs that are holding us back, and the infinite potential available to us to create a meaningful life.


Meet our Horses  


“I think the thing that stands out the most for me is how impressed I was at the depth of relationship that is possible between the horses and their humans. They gave me so much strength, love and validation. They gave me their respect, their acceptance and their encouragement. They gave me the direction I so badly had been in need of, without pressuring me, without judging me.” – Dawn Whyte, Vancouver Island



Coaching is an investment in your most precious resource – YOU   


Your Program Investment:  $3,600 + GST  (payment plans available)  



  • Creative Planning session to fully customize your program
  • 12 bi-weekly coaching sessions (six 2-hour in-person horse sessions, plus six 1-hour laser focused  phone sessions to help integrate the teachings from the herd)
  • unlimited email support throughout our time together
  • personalized working journal to record all insights and new learning


Limited Spaces Available: due to the in-depth nature of this work (and the full-time operation of our retreat center, as well as caring for our beloved equine team) I am only able to work with a select few highly motivated people each month who are deeply committed to creating conscious change.   



“We must be the change we wish to see in the world”

– Gandhi



What is it costing you to remain where you are?

Just imagine the ripple effect of inspiration your life will have on those around you. When we invest in our spiritual well-being and self-transformation all areas of our life transform for the better ~ our relationships, our health, our career, our community and ultimately global consciousness.  


“Years of seeking, learning, begging for a sign, a direction.  Impatiently waiting for something to define me, for something to do, to give me purpose.  It all awakened in the arena with Cricket.” – C.F, Langley


What if one of your greatest accomplishments in this life is to inspire others by illuminating the way to living a soul-inspired life?  And if so, what is it costing you to remain where you are?  




Curious to know how our program can specifically help to transform your current situation?  Click the big green button above and book your complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session where we can determine if this is a good fit for both of us.  I only have a limited number of spaces available each month and I only accept clients who I feel I can truly help.  


You would rather meet us in person first?  Absolutely!  Check out our ‘Upcoming Events’ page for our next Meet & Greet with the Herd and come for a visit.  Check out our facilities, meet our equine partners, and learn more about how we’re transforming the lives of trailblazers just like you!    



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