Sacred Sound Healing Journey
Sunday, October 28, 2018  
Inspired Cooking with Le Petit Culinarian
Saturday, September 29, 2018  Sold out!
Animal Reiki
Sunday, October 21, 2018  Sold out!
In the Presence of Horses Meditation Circle
Will resume in Spring 2019


Come and sit awhile.IMG_3485


Join us on a spiritual journey.


Breathe deeply.


Listen to the wisdom of your heart.


What insights await you?


Tap into the rhythm of the horses’ presence and gentle hearts to deeply connect with your inner wisdom and intuition during our meditation circles. Horses possess the ability to act as conduits of connection to Self, to others and to our spiritual oneness, and can therefore deepen our meditation experience.


We will be seated outside on chairs in a circle with one or two supervised horses. The meditation will be self-guided and the horse(s) will be free to move around us. They may elect to hold space for us from a distance or they may feel inclined to offer specific individuals energetic support. As co-facilitators in this process we will leave it up to them. (This is not a facilitated learning or healing session).


Joining Krista and the Wisteria herd is Linda Chamut. 


Linda has studied the Inca Shamanic tradition over many years, in Canada, the USA, and Peru.  Some of the teachings that Linda practices are: the importance of smudging to remove stuck energy and to promote clarity, creating sacred space for gatherings to support higher purpose focus, and teaching the importance of centering and grounding in meditation and in life. 



DATE: Will resume in Spring 2019

TIME: 10:00 – 12 noon  (please arrive 10 minutes early. We start promptly at 10)

FEE: $31 + gst or pre-purchase a package of 3 for $26 + gst each


WHAT TO EXPECT: 10 am start (please arrive 10 minutes early) • Smudge • Create sacred space/grounding exercise • Brief intro/sharing circle • Spiritual teaching • 40 minute self-guided meditation with horses • Journal/sharing circle • Close sacred space 12 noon Wrap-up

WHAT TO BRING: • Dress for the weather as we will be outside (except during inclement weather when we will move into the barn) • Journal and pen if you wish to journal about your experience • Water bottle • Closed toed shoes


IMG_3495“Breathing in the loving horse energy brought so much clarity and heartwarming rest during our meditation on Wisteria Acres’ magical land. Thank you, Cassi, Krista and Linda” ~ Reana, Surrey, BC


“What a unique, gentle and powerful  meditation experience co-facilitated by Krista, Linda and the horse Cassi!  Received with a shamanic welcome into a shady grove overlooking the sunlit horse pasture, the atmosphere was magical and the space was sacred, most honouring and beautiful” ~ Nelie, Maple Ridge, BC


“I have always had a love of horses but many years ago lost touch with that part of me. As a city dweller my life is very busy and noisy. When I heard about meditation with horses, I said ‘YES’ before they had even decided on the date! My experience with the group and Cassi who joined us was beautiful. The retreat centre itself is breathtakingly beautiful as is the energy that Krista and Linda have brought to this event. I found myself in a very peaceful, quiet place that only this space offers. I look forward to attending more meditations with horses and await to see which horse joins us to offer their wisdom.” ~ Dana, North Vancouver, BC


Sacred Sound Healing Journey
Sunday, October 28, 2018

This Sacred Sound Healing Journey weaves together Crystal Singing Bowls and vocals as well as other sound healing instruments; drum, harp and guitar to powerfully clear and transform energy.

The vibrational frequencies of sound will clear tension and guide you into graceful release, leaving you nourished and renewed with a feeling of deep peace, trust and surrender.


“The sounds were exquisite, soft & gentle & Theda has the voice of an angel!”




Theda Phoenix is a singer, songwriter and intuitive song and sound channel drawing on her empathic abilities to reflect back the intention and energy of the group through song. She creates music for healing and transformation, touching people deeply with her angelic, transporting voice and shamanic vocal sounds.

Her music inspires a deep connection to the heart and the spirituality of the human experience, celebrating the miracle of existence and the intrinsic loving essence within all, reminding listeners of their own inner guidance and connection to source energy.

“You have the voice and the soul of an angel. When you sing, shivers go through my entire being. Keep lifting us higher, Theda. You are pure Light in form.”

“You are like the Divine Mother herself when you sing, holding all who is present with such tenderness, sweetness, and absolute pure LOVE!”


DATE: Sunday, October 28th  

TIME: 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

FEE: $31 + gst  (we are no longer accepting payment at the door; all registrations must pre-pay online.  No refunds or carry-overs)

WHAT TO BRING: (please read) yoga mat or something comfortable to lay on, pillow and blanket.


Registration Options

2018 Dates: November 25 |  December 16


For more information please contact:

Krista Brown


Inspired Cooking with Le Petit Culinarian
Saturday, September 29, 2018   Sold out!


‘Breads and Spreads’

Do you have the mealtime blues due to restrictions in diet, food sensitivities or allergies?   

As industrial agriculture continues to experiment with our food using genetically engineered or modified foods, increased use of pesticides, herbicides and questionable fertilizers, more and more people are developing food sensitivities and allergies. This is especially true with the more widespread consumption of wheat, corn and soy. 


ErinMJoin Wisteria’s own expert caterer, Erin McCabe of Le Petit Culinarian.

A professionally trained cook and certified high school foods and nutrition teacher, Erin’s high value is healthy living. Erin believes that you are what you eat and therefore fresh and diverse is best. She enjoys cooking for herself as well as for those who love to eat and are not afraid to step out of their comfort zones to try innovative combinations.

Through teaching, Erin has derived great joy in guiding her students in optimizing nutrition without compromising taste, texture and colour.

Erin invites you to join her in her cooking class to make magic in the kitchen! Let’s green, or orange, or red, or spice it up!! This class is designed to introduce you to new or rarely used ingredients in easy, fun and versatile cooking methods that will balance and optimize nutritional needs while reducing fear and overwhelm in the kitchen. We will spend our time creating, baking and tasting everything we make. 

What is provided:  • Note sheets • Recipes • Equipment • All ingredients

What you need to bring: • Your apron • Your favourite Chef’s or French knife (if you wish to)


836E2AA2-DF73-482C-A0F6-E80F61ABAB40 hummus-1057999_640 (1)



Breads and Spreads will focus on baking wheat and gluten-free bread and creating delicious protein rich spreads to dip or spread!



On the menu:

Wheat and Gluten-Free Herb Focaccia Bread

Wheat and Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

Black Bean Avocado Hummus

Romano Bean Basil and Sun Dried Tomato Hummus

White Bean and Beet Hummus

Chick Pea Curry and Turmeric Hummus




DATE: Saturday, September 29, 2018

TIME: 10 am – 1 pm

FEE: $159 + gst or sign up with a friend and pay $139 + gst each

Sorry, this event is sold out!


Animal Reiki
Sunday, October 21, 2018  Sold out!



Are you interested in learning how to connect with animals at a deeper level?


Reiki is a wonderful spiritual practice and gift we use ourselves and for others.


This class is for those who feel inspired to offer Reiki to animals and would like to be certified. 

(prerequisite: Reiki Level I)


Overview of the Day:

Review of Reiki

Why Reiki with Animals

How to Approach Animals


Letting the Animals Guide Hand Positions

Finishing the Treatment

Length of Sessions and Frequency



Practice time with Wisteria’s beautiful Herd (and birds, squirrels and other creatures that often join us in this loving energy)

Debrief and Tea



Join Reiki Master Teacher Virginia Smith for the day in this wonderful spiritual practice. Virginia brings many years of experience as an educator/facilitator to her practice. Having found her way to this discipline through self-discovery, she now graciously extends her knowledge to those who wish to learn and incorporate Reiki into their own life. Virginia is a registered practitioner and teacher, and Past Vice President of The Canadian Reiki Association.   



DATE: Sunday, October 21, 2018

TIME: 9:00am – 5:00pm

LOCATION: Morning – Surrey | Afternoon – Wisteria Acres

FEE: $150.00 (includes $50.00 registration fee)

PREREQUISITE: Reiki Level I (minimum)

Class size is limited.


“Virginia is an amazing teacher and Reiki practitioner. Her style is open and inviting. She knows Reiki because she lives Reiki. I have had some amazing experiences in healing and spiritual growth working with Virginia. Reiki is a relaxing, energizing experience, the warmth and comfort you feel with Virginia’s loving touch is something everyone should gift themselves.”Jacqueline A. Kania, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist




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