Why Horses?



“Horses have spent 40 million years evolving to be creatures that can communicate eloquently, effectively & succinctly, but with energy, not with words.”   ~ Dr. Allan Hamilton, brain surgeon and professor of medicine, Tuscon, AZ  




You can’t hide from a horse.healer_mare


We wear our feelings like a cloak. Regardless of how well we mask ourselves with a smile to hide our sadness, a façade of calm to hide our anger, or a veneer of confidence to hide our anxiety, our nervous system involuntarily broadcasts our feeling state like sound waves invisibly traveling through the air.  And the horse is like a giant receiver and amplifier for these emotional vibrations.  


As an animal who is naturally preyed upon in the wild, the horse has developed a highly sophisticated ability to sense emotional energy as a means of survival.


Their life is dependent upon their ability to accurately read the intentions of a predator, a herd mate, or the people who share their space.


Therefore, in order for the horse to feel safe in your presence you must align with the truth of how you are feeling.  


There is no judgement from a horse.


As Dr. Allan Hamilton says in the documentary ‘Playing with Magic’, the horse is like a really good friend who pulls you aside and says “look, I really need to tell you what’s going on here. You may not be aware of it but here’s the emotional energy you’re putting out”.  


And with that new found awareness we can begin to see where we’re out of alignment with our greater vision, the limiting beliefs that are holding us back, and the infinite potential available to us to create a soul-inspired life.  



“I think the thing that stands out the most for me is how impressed I was at the depth of relationship that is possible between the horses and their humans. They gave me so much strength, love and validation. They gave me their respect, their acceptance and their encouragement. They gave me the direction I so badly had been in need of, without pressuring me, without judging me.” – Dawn Whyte, Vancouver Island


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